About Iviana

I am an entrepreneur, mentor, visionary, speaker, writer, and I specialize in inspiring women from all walks of life to overcome their past obstacles.

What obstacles, you ask?

There are women all over the world who hold the burden of their past or current circumstance inside them.  Many of them have been abused in a number of ways.  Some, like myself, have been victims of domestic violence, rape, alcoholic spouses or parents, and verbal abuse.  Many women suffer from low self-esteem because of experiences that have damaged their self image.  Many women have given in to social pressures and are lost in the concept of who they are.  Some have just completely given up on life itself and don’t know where to turn.

My biggest missions are to help women by:

  • Inspiring them through my experiences and the experiences of others, to show them that they can improve their lives.
  • Pushing them to get past their circumstances.
  • Teaching them about their moral obligations to themselves and to those around them.
  • Providing an example to them through my own life and the lives of other women.

Why the name “My Girls Anonymous”?

My Girls- You are all my girls, my friends, my tribe.  These are going to be your girls too!

Anonymous- Nobody has to know who you are when you let out your burdens.  Remember, these are women from all over the world.  It’s much harder for you to confide with your loved ones or your friends about your past and current struggles.  Some of you, as I was in the past, are embarrassed to tell someone what’s going on.  You feel foolish because you’re still wrapped up in the same circle.  No need to worry when you’re here.

On this site you are going to find videos and posts filled with some deep life lessons about overcoming as a woman.  You will learn about finding true joy within yourself as you uncover characteristics about yourself that have been holding you back.

You’re also going to get resources from me about how to overcome sadness, low self-esteem, bad relationships, and the past that keeps you from moving forward and improving your life and your relationships.  If you become a member of my newsletter, you will be the first to know about my latest content and the programs I have to offer for you to help you with your personal journey.


My Story..

I’ve had many things I had to overcome in my life that made me feel like I was the loneliest and most pathetic creature on the planet.  To be fully transparent with you and sum it up in a couple of sentences, here’s a quick excerpt of my story.

I grew up in a broken home.  My father was an alcoholic, drug-addicted, abusive, and promiscuous man.  My mother simply wouldn’t stop getting back with him.  I was hurt, confused, and felt hopeless for many years.  I made many bad decisions growing up, which led to me being in abusive relationships.  I’ve been cheated on, abused, raped, and mentally tortured.  I made enough bad decisions to hinder my future and, yet, I still survived.  I can honestly say that I reached rock bottom more than a few times and I’m still here in one piece.

I graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Political Science. During my time in college, I learned all about Politics and society as I had a great focus on Sociology during that time as well.

During my time in college, I developed a passion to help women as I kept learning about the different issues women have been facing in society through all of time. In college, I thought my passion was to be a lawyer but soon after graduating, many signs showed me that it wasn’t the way to fulfill my ultimate goal. I finally decided to pursue my Masters in Business Administration and launch MGA.  I knew this was the only way I could reach you and help you overcome through what helped me in my journey.

My ultimate achievement in life would be to build a community of empowered women.  I have a story to share about myself – which you will learn as you get to know me.   I have encountered many experiences from early childhood that I wouldn’t wish on any woman.   The crazy thing about those experiences is that they made me who I am today – an overcomer!   I am in no way a mental health expert or a psychiatrist but what I have encountered has built the character I have today.  Through my life and my education, I learned methods of coping, healing, and perseverance. I’m not a perfect person but I am devoted to learning for the rest of my life.

I’m not one of those women who sits around and feels sorry for myself for all of the things that I went through either. I can proudly say that I went through it and I’m still alive.  One of my biggest struggles has always been to see women discussing the horrible things they went through asking for pity and feeling sorry for themselves. I feel for you girl but I’m here to push you, not baby you.  I will teach you to strive to be different and never become a sellout.  If you like being a victim, then you are in the wrong place. When you are in MGA, you’ve started your path to overcome!

When you come to My Girls Anonymous, you can expect tons of advice based on what I’ve learned from the experts and through my character-building life experience. You cant get wisdom and experience out of any textbook. That’s one thing I didn’t get from college. I’ve gotten all of my wisdom from the Bible and what I’ve overcome and I’m here to share it with you.

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To our success,

Iviana Bynum

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